Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What does the green & red LED lights on the amplifier indicate?

A) ClearRF amplifiers are designed with green & red LED lights for visual technical diagnostics of the amplifier.

Green light: The amplifier is communicating; there are no issues.

Flickering green and red light: The amplifier is designed with patented automatic gain and oscillation control. When the LED lights are flickering green and red, the amplifier is automatically adjusting the gain and output power to compensate for the current signal strength environment.

Solid red light: The amplifier has detected some sort of fault or has gone into stand-by mode (passive bypass). ClearRF is designed with patented passive RF bypass fail-over. This fail-safe feature allows the tethered device to use the amplifiers antenna to communicate to the network, even if the amp loses or when the ambient signal strength is good.


Q) Does the magnetic mount antenna supplied with the amplifier kits require a ground plane?

A) Yes. The magnetic mount 2dBi antenna needs to be installed on a flat metal ground plane (4”x 4”) for reliable cellular and data communications.


Q) Can ClearRF cellular amplifiers be used to broadcast signals into a building or structure for cell phone improvement?

A) No. Our amplifiers are designed specifically for fixed & mobile machine-to-machine applications. Our amplifiers are designed to connect directly to any cellular router, modem, embedded module, or alarm panel.