ClearRF Customer Reviews & Recommendations


"ACS Security Standardizes on ClearRF for its Alarm Installations"

From a technician and an inventory controller, Clear RF signal amplifiers are superior to any other signal boosters and it’s due to its performance and passive bypass technology. About 20% of our alarm installations require Clear RF and we see on an average about 12dB gain to our communicators to and from the cell tower; this is essential for real-time monitoring by the central station.

Installing the WRE2710-S is quick and easy (plug & play) and working with it is very straight forward. We only need to stock the one booster type, as it will connect directly to all the cell communicators we install; Ge, Honeywell, Telguard, and DSC cell communicators.

We’ve never had a bad unit out of the box or had one fail in the field. Clear RF has saved us money, time and more importantly, customers. We at ACS Security highly recommend their products!

Alex Radi 
Inventory Controller 
ACS Security 
100 Bel-Air Rd. 
Los Angeles, CA 90077

“We like the passive bypass feature and the simplicity of integration.”

The ClearRF amplifier integration into our watertight RTU housing went smoothly. It has been working great since we deployed it at the test site. The system just survived the first storm this season with over 20 ft. waves and close to 50 mph winds. Last year, at this location, we got between -90 to -94dBi. With the ClearRF installed, we consistently got between -70 to -80dBi (Verizon 3G). This is a great product that we hope to use more in remote applications. We are pretty happy with the ClearRF signal amplifier and we like the passive bypass feature and the simplicity of integration. Most importantly, it works.

Doug Nguyen, Chief Engineer, NexSens Technology, Inc.

“We recommend the device.”

Nevada Solar Designs has operationally tested and deployed ClearRF's WRE2710-S M2M cellular amplifier for our customer remote wireless projects, and we recommend the device. ClearRF's technology provides a compact robust platform that is easily integrated and deployed, ensuring the connectivity boost that many isolated customer project sites need.

Bob Damrau, Nevada Solar Designs

“The product works well in multiple fields.”

Many of our key customers have designed ClearRF signal boosters into their product line. These boosters are deployed in a wide range of fields, including: security, irrigation, wireless network backup and commercial energy management solutions. The response and feedback from these opportunities has been extremely positive, showing that the product works well in multiple fields where signal strength was previously a challenge for the application. Both pre-sale and post-sale support provided by ClearRF is excellent as well.

Steve Gebhardt, QwikSource LLC