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ClearRF™ - Cellular Amplifiers 

  • Improves Cellular Signal
  • Faster Data Rates
  • Supports Multiple Phones & Data Points
  • Extends Battery Life
  • Amplifies Cellular and PCS Signal
  • Works with all U.S. Carriers except Nextel
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee





ClearRF's Wireless Cellular Signal Amplifiers

ClearRF's Dual-Band Cellular Signal Amplifiers allow you to receive improved cellular signal on your phone, air card, laptop, cellular router, or any cellular device, wherever you happen to need it; your vehicle, boat, desktop workspace, or RV. 

The ClearRF Amplifier works on the Cellular 850 MHz and PCS 1900 MHz frequencies, therefore, it will work with all U.S. and Canadian carriers except Nextel.